Grants for Building RetroPGF tools

The more minds thinking about retroactive funding, building tooling and running experiments the better! :sun_with_face:

There are a couple of ways you could go about getting a grant to contribute to RetroPGF as a mechanism.

  1. Receive RetroPGF for it - contributing to RetroPGF itself is in the scope of what is rewarded in round 3, and likely will be for future rounds. You can find the scope of RetroPGF 3 here
  2. Fulfil an RFP - The Foundation is putting up RFP’s to build different parts of the RetroPGF toolkit, like the RFP for building the Voting UI that just closed.
  3. Mission Proposals - Building RetroPGF tooling or running experiments could fit under the governance accessibility intent. This process just closed for Season 4, but there’ll likely be something similar in the next season. You can find out more about missions here.

In the future, we might introduce a framework for running RetroPGF experiments and receiving grants for it. Interested to hear more about your experiment!