Grants Council Reviewer Nominations: Season 5

Council sub-committee: Builders

If you are a delegate, please provide the link to your delegate commitment: N/A

If you are a delegate, please indicate what % of votable supply is delegated to you: N/A

If you are a delegate, please indicate your voting participation rate in OP governance to date: N/A

Please link to your voting history and any voting rationale you’ve shared: N/A

Please outline any other contributions to the Optimism ecosystem to date:

  • Founder of Optimystics, a team of experienced professionals growing Optimism with fractal communities, tools, games, shows, and events. I coordinate our team’s actions while working closely working with developers who build tools on the OP Stack and creators who make educational content about the Optimism Collective. You can explore the blog, videos, and tools on for an overview of our contributions to the Optimism ecosystem.

  • Founder and host of Optimism Fractal, a start up community dedicated to fostering collaboration and awarding public good creators on Optimism. We host weekly meetings where optimists can network with builders and coopete in innovative consensus games to grow Optimism, then we produce videos and show notes for educational purposes.

  • Founder and host of Eden Fractal, a community pioneering coordination games and fractal democracy for 18 months. I’ve educated dozens of community leaders about Optimism with live presentations and deep discussions at weekly Eden Fractal meetings, then produced educational content from the events and shared invites in many groups of Web3 builders to spread awareness of Optimism.

  • Founder of Eden Creators, a media outlet and development shop focused on empowering communities with consensus games. In addition to producing Optimistic content from Eden Fractal meetings, I’ve published hundreds of articles in our Garden and videos on our youtube channel that provide foundational resources for the long-term success of the Optimism Collective.

Do you have a technical background? If so, please elaborate:

Yes, I have an extensive technical background and have been working in Web3 since 2017. I build tools to help communities cooperate and have hosted meetings with developers every week for the past couple years. I write technical articles to explain software innovations and create educational content to make tools more accessible for wider audiences.

In addition, I’ve also created many websites and am experienced with HTML and CSS. I’ve experimented with smart contract development in command line interfaces and IDEs for dozens of hours. In my ten year career as a content creator I’ve developed deep expertise in many technical aspects of creative endeavors, including video livestreaming, media production, and sound engineering in electronic music. I am comfortable with Github, Notion, AI, many Web3 services, and a wide variety of other technical tools.

Have you previously served on a Token House Council or committee? No

Please demonstrate any experience you believe is relevant to this role:

  • I have led the Eden Fractal community to make great strides and profoundly helpful innovations on a minimal budget for eighteen months. I have been elected as a delegate over fifteen times in our weekly meetings and have earned the most onchain respect in this community by consistently working to help Web3 builders.

  • I have been elected as a Chief Delegate and Delegate in Eden Elections to lead a community of over 400 members who conduct onchain fractal democracy elections and distribute funds to builders. This initiative raised approximately $1.5 million, which I helped distribute after being elected in three seasons. You can learn more about this community here.

  • I hosted educational interviews and open discussions with other leaders of this community on a show called Eden Town Hall. This experience as a delegate and educator in another Web3 ecosystem provides me with experience to responsibly, efficiently, and effectively allocate funding for the benefit of a community.

Please demonstrate expertise relevant to your Council sub-committee:

I created a grant proposal for the Builders Subcommittee in Cycle 15 of Season 4 and it reached the final stages of review. During this time I carefully read all the Grants Council procedures, relayed information while coordinating with team members, and communicated with several grants council reviewers. I became comfortable with Charmverse and am now closely following it’s development.

After making the proposal, I hosted several events where I shared presentations and provided detailed walkthroughs of the Grants Council Proposal processes with dozens of Web3 community leaders. Then I worked with my team to produce videos and articles of the walkthroughs, as you can see in the following links (1, 2, and 3). These articles provide an educational resource for anyone interested in participating in Optimism Grants Council programs.

I’ve been working full time for the benefit of the Optimism community since July and am very knowledgeable about the ecosystem. I’ve listened to all available podcasts with reviewers on the Grants Council, as well as most episodes of OP Radio, Delegates Corner, RetroPGF Podcast, and many other interviews with Optimistic leaders. I’ve also invested countless hours learning about the Ethereum ecosystem over the past six years.

As host of Optimism Fractal and Eden Fractal weekly meetings, I can provide a unique space where optimistic builders can collaborate and meet likeminded individuals. Our videos can help promote available grants and attract more high quality applicants to the Grants Council. After years of building and working closely with developers, I have a deep understanding of what builders need and the practical steps to help them succeed.

Please describe your philosophy on what makes a good Governance Fund grant:

A good Governance Fund grant should:

  • Provide unique value to the Optimism ecosystem
  • Have a clear objective and action plan to succeed
  • Provide clear milestones and KPIs that are easy to assess
  • Explain how funds raised will help accomplish the goal
  • Be communicated in an accurate and simple manner
  • Set an example that reflects well upon the Optimism Collective

What types of Mission Requests do you think will help achieve the Season 5 Intents?

Mission Requests that attract innovators and provide everyone with more helpful, enjoyable experiences on Optimism will help achieve the Season 5 Intents. Web3 is at a pivotal stage of growth and Optimism is well positioned to provide value for millions of communities. Mission Requests that enable joyful onchain interactions for people who aren’t yet using Web3 and inspire the next generation of builders to join Optimism will help increase technical decentralization, grow the Superchain, improve the consumer experience, and improve governance accessibility.

More specific types of Mission Requests that I believe will be especially helpful include Missions that develop:

  • Applications that enable coordination and growth innovations for non-technical communities
  • Synergies with RetroPGF that enable the Optimism Collective to more effectively reward public goods creators
  • Primitives and composability with other applications on Optimism that unlock novel use cases
  • Account abstraction and UX accessibility features to make Optimism easier to use
  • Educational gaming experiences that make it fun for people to engage with the OP Mainnet

Please disclose any anticipated conflicts of interest:

I don’t foresee any conflicts of interests at this time. If any potential conflicts of interest arise then I will communicate this immediately and act in the best interests of the Optimism Collective.

Please verify that you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct 5: Yes

Please verify that you understand KYC will be required to receive Council rewards at the end of Season 5: Yes

Please verify that you are able to commit ~20 hours / week to reviewing grant applications and other Council operations: Yes