Grants Council Reviewer Nominations: Season 5

Grants Council Self-Nomination Template

Please keep your answers as concise as possible while conveying all relevant information.

Council sub-committee: growth experiment

If you are a delegate, please provide the link to your delegate commitment: Agora Profile

If you are a delegate, please indicate what % of votable supply is delegated to you: -

If you are a delegate, please indicate your voting participation rate in OP governance to date: -

Please link to your voting history and any voting rationale you’ve shared: -

Please outline any other contributions to the Optimism ecosystem to date: I am a website developer at Site, focusing on creating content about Ethereum, Optimism, and its ecosystem.
I have won the first place in the Optimism Ambassadors Powered By Thrivecoin program, which can be seen at the link X Thank Optimism .
Additionally, I have built the Optimism Indonesia community and provided public education. You can find my article in Indonesian about OP here: Medium .
I am also an active translator in the project, and you can see my POAP here: POAP. Currently, I am expanding my experience in the optimism as badgeholder RPGF3 identify EAS And Bankless DAO, Bankless Academy project as a cohort member, designer, and translator.

Do you have a technical background? If so, please elaborate: During my career journey, I have played crucial roles in various crypto and blockchain projects.


  • High-quality content creation.
  • Strong connections within the blockchain community.
  • Effective communication and presentation.
  • Profound knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Have you previously served on a Token House Council or committee? If so, please specify which: Optimism Badgeholder Citizen’s House

Please demonstrate any experience you believe is relevant to this role: I have a strong background in crypto and blockchain projects. I’ve also been actively involved in the Optimism community as a Community Member, Ambassador, and Badgeholder + Reviewer. I believe this experience prepares me well for the role on the Optimism Grant Council.

Please demonstrate expertise relevant to your Council sub-committee: bring community-focused expertise to the Council sub-committee. As an active member in the crypto and blockchain communities, my roles as an ambassador, Badgeholder, and community contributor have deepened my understanding of the importance of community growth and support for innovative projects. I’m very enthusiastic to apply this knowledge in the Optimism Grant Council candidacy

Please describe your philosophy on what makes a good Governance Fund grant: A good Governance Fund grant, in my view, should prioritize innovation, impact, and long-term sustainability in the blockchain space. It’s about empowering forward-thinking initiatives that can make a meaningful difference and contribute to the growth and resilience of the blockchain community.

What types of Mission Requests do you think will help achieve the Season 5 Intents? I believe that supporting educational initiatives, increasing developer engagement, and promoting ecosystem growth are key types of mission requests that can help achieve Season 5’s objectives.

Please disclose any anticipated conflicts of interest: I am very excited about the opportunity to serve on the Grant Council, and I want to be completely transparent about potential conflicts of interest. I want to emphasize that I am fully committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and impartiality in my role on the Grant Council. I understand the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest and will recuse myself from any decision-making processes where my impartiality could be questioned. My primary goal is to support and promote the most promising projects that align with the vision and goals of the Optimism network, ensuring a fair and transparent grant allocation process.

Please verify that you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct 5: Yes

Please verify that you understand KYC will be required to receive Council rewards at the end of Season 5: Yes

Please verify that you are able to commit ~20 hours / week to reviewing grant applications and other Council operations: I can do more than that in a week