Grant Misuse Reporting Process

Hi all!

Thank you for taking the time to engage with this process and ask questions! I’ve got answers for y’all, but please keep in mind that this is only the first iteration of this process. In line with the rest of Governance, we are trying not to over-correct for problems that don’t exist yet.

With that out of the way, lets dive in!

Misuse Minimum

The context for the minimum comes in three forms: historical context, the energy and time required to handle reports and spam prevention.

Historical Context

The historical context is that most of the misuses we have uncovered have been larger (80k+ OP).

Report Processing

Processing a single report will realistically take 20 - 50 hours of govNERD & NumbaNERD time. That does not include all the hours of community members helping in investigations. Even with very conservative incentives this effort will compound quickly.

We have to balance short term accountability with remaining focused on our long term goals. Conducting investigations is time, labor, and focus intensive and takes away from the Collective applying that time, labor, and focus towards achieving out Collective Intents.

Spam Prevention

Having a high minimum prevents scam reports, as it is much easier to verify that 50k OP was misused than a 2k OP was misused. Having a low minimum makes it easier for spammers to make fake reports that are harder to verify.

Misuse Minimums does not mean no accountability!

Our Collective energy should be focused on designing a system to limit the potential for misuse (for example: Trust Tiers, reporting requirements & the Milestones and Metrics Grant Council sub-committeee) rather than expending valuable time and resources policing misuse after the fact.

Future iterations

If we run into multiple instances in which accountability was prevented due to the minimum, we will re-evaluate whether a minimum is warranted and/or set at an appropriate level.

Incentives for involved parties


There will be an opertunity for reporters to apply for RetroPGF.


NumbaNERDs get incentivised proactively through Mission proposals and retroactively through retroPGF. Review work completed by NumbaNERDs for Misuse Reports will be included in the NumbaNERD RetroPGF Collection application.

If after this season (S5) we find this is not a strong enough incentive, we may introduce further incentives (such as a grant). However, second-order effects of these incentives would need to be carefully designed around (for example, the grant should not incentivise numbaNERDs to Validate all reports).

Let me know if this does not answer any specific questions, or if you have more feedback.

As always, stay optimistic!