Gonna.eth (Dhannte) - Delegate Communication Thread

I nominated @alexpoon_hk to be an Optimism Citizen.

Can this person help advance the process and structure of RetroPGF as a funding mechanism?

his optimistic views and actions in the past 4 months have been unmeasurable. He has great expertise in funding, social communication, team and business building, and probably some hidden knowledge I have not seen yet. He showed great alignment when the Grants Council started to use Charmverse as the primary point of work and decided to go for RetroPGF instead of charging the grants for the service. This sort of action not only shows he wants optimism to thrive but also a great commitment towards impact=profit vision.

What I truly like about this nomination is that Alex is way outside the optimism eco chamber I have and it will probably expand the Citizen reach to a new level in the near future. Alex enabled the collective to have one of the smoothest grant processes so far.