[FINAL] Velodrome: Fostering Inclusive Governance through Leading Optimism Builders and Long-term Users

A couple questions, comments, and concerns:

  • I think it is absolutely net positive to onboard more Optimism protocols into governance. Optimism, at the end of the day, is a layer 2 which relies on projects to develop on it in order to be successful. Projects and protocols should be among the most influential stakeholders in OP governance in my opinion.
  • I also think it is net positive to award OP governance to provably aligned individuals and diversify the voter base
  • As @OPUser mentioned, I am concerned about using Velodrome’s native token (veVELO) as the primary signal for ecosystem alignment (and thus governance incentivization). If you all were looking at a wide variety of factors, such as perhaps looking to people already engaging deeply in Optimism but not receiving delegation, or finding more neutral ways to determine ecosystem alignment, I’d be more comfortable.
  • I also wonder how large the usecase is of govNFTs beyond for the Foundation. If the primary usecase is for the Foundation, then it should be a response to a Foundation RFP, as opposed to a Mission. I understand that you intend to use govNFTs for this program itself, but I just wanted to note that since emphasis was being placed on how useful this would be for the Foundation (which the Foundation has not commented on, as of now)
  • Also, I’m confused how the protocol program differs from the protocol delegation program from the Foundation. I think the unique value add for you all is the 10-12 week engagement with these protocols to really onboard them. Are you also targeting different protocols than the ones eligible for delegation through the Foundation program? How do you plan to get them more involved (from what I remember there were participation problems with the Foundation’s program)?

I’m in the middle on my decision here since I think there are a lot of positives in this proposal, but mostly concerned about using veVELO as the primary signal for ecosystem alignment. However, since this proposal has already been approved (thus effectively making my vote meaningless), I will choose to not give an approval.

I think this is one of the more innovative proposals though, and I’m looking forward to see how it goes!

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