[FINAL] RegenScore

Dear @OPUser thanks for your review. The Regen score intents to provide more info on the voters, and their background and potentially amplify the voices in connection to specialization (e.g. engineers) or public goods experts / veterans for the decisions that needs that. Inspired by next definition:

Intent #4: Governance accessibility includes enabling a diversity of perspectives to participate in governance, facilitating better knowledge sharing to develop more informed voters, and lowering barriers to participation for more culturally diverse involvement in the governance process. Increasing the votable supply and reducing the concentration of voting power should be important bi-products of improved accessibility.

Hope it helps.

Dear @jackanorak regen score is not binding anyhow, rather a tooling for governance development and an extra information layer. Many of the mentioned projects are linked organically as web3 public goods is a small space still. Of course, we’ve mentioned our nearest circles (as we know them), but we’ll definitely introduce some kind of curation and reach out to OP eco to help us identify/validate missing ones. Looking forward to include you (and others) in the design process if you like.

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