[FINAL] Delegate Corner Podcast - Mission Proposal

To be clear I think you’ve proposed a needed approach to Intent 4

On this point, we diverge. Critical milestones represent the work required, but not the impact of that work. imo your budget should be tied to impact not milestone delivery. A couple of reasons for this

  1. If for instance, you can deliver only 8/10 interviews it is the performance of the delivered content that should be rewarded, not the amount of work or lack thereof.
  2. By linking reward to impact you are establishing the baseline by which you quantify and seek retroactive funding over time

Thank you for the constructive consideration of my feedback. I do think a minimum performance requirement helps but I do not think you need to move lines around. I opened a conversation on content performance standards and I applied your proposal to provide examples for the terminology. It’s all open for debate as I would like to generate some transparency, consistency and collective understanding around funding content impact vs work