False statement in Covalent RetroPGF application's impact phrasing

I noticed this only due to trying to search for rotki’s application in the RetroPGF voting interface.

And to my surprise another project called Covalent also pops up.

Their application is here: Optimism Agora

In the impact statement they have a lot of very well known projects in the field as using them for their optimism data. This way they also pop up whenever you search for any of these projects.

I would like to bring the attention of all badgeholders to the following.

I can’t speak as to the correctness of the rest of their claims but rotki, a project I am working on and have founded is not using Covalent data for either Optimism, Base, Zora or any other superchain data.

You can easily verify this by checking our opensource code:

The only place where covalent data was used, is in an old implementation of avalanche balance querying made by an external contributor in a PR in 2021. That implementation is unfortunately still incomplete and rotki does not yet support avalanche like it does other EVM chains. When it does it will be using standard RPC methods.