Evaluation of grant processes

How would it be if information was provided for the previously distributed grants (1 and 2)?
Grants were distributed to these projects. The process is still ongoing. Let them compare the old and new situation. What was the situation before the grant? What happened after the grant? How many new users have come? How much has the volume increased? So did these grants really stimulate the optimism ecosystem?
Or there was no change. Let’s find where the problem is.

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Agree with you, we should have KPIs and metrics to see how much impact, users, revenue or whatever metrics useful to Optimism they reach with the grants

It’s a great time to do this, we are on early stage of governance and OP technical development (Bedrock is coming)


Delegate @Joxes explains this in his conclusions of Season 2

Agree that this would be very interesting to see. However, it’s probably important to keep in mind that changes in the metrics might be due to a number of reasons – it would be hard to prove or disprove any direct causations.

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At least we compare before and after grant.