Ethos Reserve $OATH can the OP foundation confirm this?

Can someone confirm the info in this statement from ETHOS RESERVE that this is in colab with the foundation? I am inquiring because they make this statement yet I find little info and only 3600 twitter followers.
"Ethos Reserve has been a long time coming, and our team has been working hard in the background to ensure its success. Part of this effort has been in collaboration with the Optimism team, who has been assisting us with network introductions, go-to-market strategy, and support through a co-incentive program.

Starting on Monday, May 1st, Ethos Reserve, in collaboration with the Optimism Foundation, will be distributing liquidity incentives in the form of $OP and $OATH tokens. Incentives will be distributed to $ERN liquidity providers through platforms such as, BeethovenX, and Velodrome. This co-incentive program will take place over the course of the next 12 months, and will scale up based on TVL in the Ethos Reserve protocol.


I work with the Ethos Reserve team. Yes this is accurate

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