EasyRetroPGF.xyz - Run your own Optimism-style RPGF Round

Hi Optimism Collective,

WEST Software Services (entity through which I contribute to public goods projects like Gitcoin + Optimism) built one of the two frontends for Optimism RPGF Round 3 => https://round3.optimism.io/

The software was originally developed for this RFP, but we are now open sourcing it and releasing it for others’ use.

That means it’s now easy to run an Optimism-style RPGF Round. We are calling this tool stack EasyRetroPGF, and it is available now.

  1. Demo https://easy-retro-pgf.vercel.app/
  2. Code: GitHub - gitcoinco/easy-retro-pgf
  3. Deploy: Deploy on Vercel
  4. Configure: Checkout the configuration variables to see all the diff ways this can be configured to run on diff chains + configuration variables here.
  5. Product/Research Design: telegram group
  6. Technical Support: telegram group

If this EasyRetroPGF.xyz tool is strongly embraced by the OP Collective, we will continue to maintain it + upgrade it for OP RPGF 4 + beyond.

Gitcoin <3s RPGF

In addition to maintaining the above software suite, Gitcoin has been doing more Retroactive Public Goods Funding Rounds on Grants Stack. We view RPGF as being complementary to Quadratic Funding - which we have historically been known for.

One of our core beliefs about grants is that they’re both necessary for sustainable growth, and also incredibly early. This even applies to QF and RPGF. We’ve been talking to other ecosystems who want to launch their own version of RPGF and aren’t sure how to set it up for success. With that in mind, we’re open-sourcing not just the app but our product development process for RPGF. If you’d like to be a design partner or beta tester of our RPGF efforts, join our telegram group here.

Whether you’ve run grants programs before or are just getting started, we’d love to learn about your goals and work with you to bring RPGF to your ecosystem. We’ll work with our design group to capture our learnings and share publicly to help grow + expand RPGF usage.

Gitcoin/Optimism Alignment :green_circle::handshake::red_circle:

We have always felt very mission aligned with Optimism. Here are a couple data points.

  1. OP/GC have similar missions regarding public goods.
  2. Plasma Group (the corporate predecessor to Optimism) raised money on Gitcoin Grants during round 1, 2, and 3.
  3. Plasma Group were some of the earliest funders of the Gitcoin Grants Matching Pool.
  4. Gitcoin donors were rewarded in OP Airdrop 1.
  5. Optimism was one of the first L2s that Gitcoin Grants Stack supported.
  6. I’ve done a handful of greenpill episodes with members of Optimism.
  7. https://publicgoods.network/ (a L2 for supporting public goods which Gitcoin has helped to seed) was built on top of OP Stack + is part of the superchain.
  8. I’ve participated in the OP Onchain summit in Istanbul, and we’ve also done public speaking together at Schelling Point (on multiple occasions).
  9. We’ve commissioned custom art about Ethers Phoenix.
  10. In RPGF Round 3, we build the round3.optimism.io interface for the OP collective.

I hope that we are not stepping on any toes by open sourcing the RPGF tool we’ve built for yall. I’ve shopped this idea around a few people in the OP collective who are close to RPGF and they said they wanted to see it happen (and that it helps build the meme of RPGF to have more orgs doing it). But if I missed the mark in any way feel free to comment below or email me kevin@gitcoin.co or DM me twitter.com/owocki

Public Goods are Good :saluting_face:



This is amazing! Thank you @owocki and team for continuing the open-source gwei. Bless.


amazing project ser, congrats! excited to try running rounds using this ! :ok_hand:


Looks great @owocki :clap: waiting for search functionality.


Search functionality is on the roadmap!

The more people use this, the more we will be pouring more dev resources into building on the roadmap.

You can help! Please use easyretropgf.xyz and tell us what u think either via comments below, telegram, or github issues!


Kudos to owocki and WEST Software Services for rocking the blockchain world with their open-source EasyRetroPGF tool! This is a game-changer for RPGF, bringing more fun, collaboration, and innovation to the community. Big cheers for pushing public goods funding to new heights!


Stoked about this and grateful for everybody involved in making this a reality.

I’m currently part of the Celo Public Goods team working on a Public Goods Strategy for Celo and aim to leverage Easy RetroPGF later this year if the proposal passes.

As Celo is also evaluating the potential of migrating to the OP-stack, there is tremendous room for collaboration.


Thanks and best of success!


That’ll be very helpful for people who gotta run their unique funding plan.
Thank you for your contribution!

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