[DRAFT] [GF: PHASE 1 Proposal] Oppa Bear NFT

Project name: Oppa Bear NFT

Author name and contact info: Puvanard on behalf of Oppa Bear Project NFT https://twitter.com/oppa_bear_pixel and https://twitter.com/OppaBearEvo

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant: Yes

I understand that I will be expected to following the public grant reporting requirements outlined: Yes
L2 recipient address: 0xc81490e441163a3A8554711b321D262E0c9C1292

Which Voting Cycle are you applying for? : Phase 1

Which sub-committee should review your proposal? Growth Experiments

Grant category: NFT

Project description:
Oppa Bear NFT community creates the ecosystem itself into a number of ways e.g. Staking & Rewards platform, Merch Store platform, Augmented Reality (AR), Art Toy, Game Card, etc. We aim to create in-real-life (IRL) business and put into Oppa Bear community’s benefits. We have two main collections: “Oppa Bear Pixel” and “Oppa Bear Evolution”.

“Oppa Bear Pixel” is the NFT project focusing on linking up the community with the real-world businesses. It is a 1,000 Generative utility NFT with back-up assets. We also have another collection called “Oppa Bear Evolution Gen.1”(1,500 NFTs), which can be transformed into Oppa Bear Evolution Gen.2 from Growth Serums and turning into Mutant Oppa Bear. This is to make it more fun for our holders to participate in the project activities. Both Oppa Bear Pixel and Oppa Bear Evolution are linked together under Optimism.

Project links:

Additional team member info (please link):

Founder – https://www.linkedin.com/in/puvanard/

Artist – https://twitter.com/janrayab

Community lead – https://twitter.com/reganz211

Artwork lead – https://twitter.com/seo888x

Other supporting team members - https://twitter.com/bkbellae; https://twitter.com/dawn5641; https://twitter.com/poyemrys

Relevant usage metrics :

6.5K twitter followers (Oppa Bear Pixel)

1.5K twitter followers (Oppa Bear Evolution Gen.1)

~7.7K discord members

15+ ETH trading volume (we have low trading volume since over 80% of our Oppa Bear NFT holders put them into our Staking & Rewards Pool for both collections).

Competitors, peers, or similar projects (please link):

Is/will this project be open sourced? Yes

Optimism native?: Yes

Date of deployment/expected deployment on Optimism: July 30th, 2022

Ecosystem Value Proposition:
We have a fantastic community ever on the Optimism NFT community. Our main focus is to develop IRL businesses into the Oppa Bear community. We aim to link with the real-world usage of goods and products under four pillars:


First, Oppa Bear NFT is partnered with many other NFTs in Optimism and other platforms e.g. Apetimism (Optimism), BitToon DAO and BullMoon Club (Ethereum), Stocker DAO (Bitkub Chain) etc. We’ve created the NFT fusion between Oppa Bear NFT and other NFTs to be used for some benefits. For example, the holders who hold both partnership collection will get NFT airdrop e.g. Oppa BApetimism, Oppa Toon, Oppa Bull, Oppa Stock and Oppa Neard, etc. This is to link our Oppa Bear Community and other communities closer and closer. We also invited and were invited to participate into the real-life event e.g. Super Car Racing, Dining activities, Karaoke events, and meeting up events between communities.


Second, Oppa Bear NFT aims to be the utility NFT to be beneficial to Oppa Bear holders. We’ve partnered with many businesses. For example, Oppa Bear holders are able to show up their Oppa Bear NFT to get 10% discount at Mandarin EastVille Pattaya (Hotel business), 10% discount at SoEra Aesthetic Wellness Clinic (High-end clinic and spa), 15% discount when ordering DTF Screened Shirt/T-shirt/Hoodie, 10% discount at Symmetry Bangkok Coffee Shop, etc. By linking our Oppa bear community with the strategic partnership will help improving engagement and drive growth of Optimism ecosystem.


Third, Oppa Bear NFT is now linked with back-up asset brand ETACHA. ETACHA sold over 10 Million bags in the past two years and now partnering with Oppa Bear! We created a number of design and put our Oppa Bear NFT into their bags for launching new collection and sell throughout offline eight department stores in Bangkok and online stores too. Oppa Bear community will also get 10% of Royalty fee from the sale of ETACHA and 100% belong to the community. We will add more partners in the near future.


Fourth, Oppa Bear NFT also aims to have generated revenue itself to Oppa Bear community. Hence, we started to create Oppa Bear Studio to capture the souvenir gifts in special events e.g. Valentine’s day gift, Birthday gift, Wedding ceremony, or even Augmented Reality (AR) Marriage proposal. We believe this would help generating revenue into our community. Please see more details of example in the link here. We also created the Merch Store to sell products such as Shirt, Hoodie, Cap, Trousers, etc. All profit will belong to the community.



All of these four main pillars are the philosophy of Oppa Bear community, which leads to “Sustainability” in the long-term goal. As we have Optimism to support for OP Granting Fund for back-up funding, this would help a number of ways in driving the strong interest in Oppa Bear NFT and community.

Number of OP tokens requested: 30,000 $OP (we believe this amount would be far enough in maintaining and driving activities in our community as we have very lean operating expense). We now spend only about $500 a month in driving all community activity and events, including staking & rewards pool to be exchanged for staking OPB token.

Did the project apply for or receive OP tokens through the Foundation Partner Fund?: No

Proposal for token distribution:

50% – Staking Pool
We’ve created the staking & rewards pool for our Oppa Bear Holders to enjoy profit of OPB Token, which can be exchanged to our rewards. Please see link here: https://www.oppabear-nft.com


Once the holders buy NFTs, the NFTs will be locked for 15 days in our smart contract pool and can claim rewards, OPB Token, anytime. The OPB Token can be used to purchase T-Shirt, Cap, Cup, NFTs. This is to keep our OPB ecosystem and attract new potential holders into our pool.

If we are granted for $OP rewards, this will be a big news to our community as we can turn OPB Token into $OP simultaneously. This would be more attractive to our holders and make them happy.

30% – Reward Pool

Our holders will be able to get the Reward Pool from: OPPA BEAR STAKING AND REWARD. We will also need to make some product for inventory in our reward pool if we want the price to be lower from suppliers. Currently, we are able to send delivery only in the country (Thailand), but if we receive this funding, we are able to send worldwide; so we can have more participants and holders.

20% – Development & Marketing Expense

We are aware of spending money in our pocket as it belongs to the Oppa Bear community. However, there are a number of expenses relating to the investment in development such as staking & reward pools, Fusion website (from Gen.1 to Gen.2 and Gen.2 to Mutant Oppa Bear), Merch Store development, Website maintenance, etc. If we are granted for the $OP Funding, this would help us in maintaining activities in our community to be more active.

Please provide any additional information that will facilitate accountability:

Oppa Bear Pixel Contract:

Oppa Bear Evolution Gen.1 Contract:

OPB Token Contract:


Amazing project and strong community


The founder keeps developing follow the roadmap to ensure all OPPA Bear NFTs owner that this project gonna be success.


Founder is very active to develop the oppa bear NFT and there is very good business back.


Founder is very very active to develop


Oppa bear project have business plan and contribute Community with business experience

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Looking nice. Great effort in bridging nft in to real world and seeking in creating true value of nft project.

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Oppa bear NFT has unique artwork and pratical useful utilities.
This project has great potential. There are interesting activities with strong and active community.

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Very promising NFT project! :rocket:

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I think this project is so wonderful. Especially their main focus is to develop WEB3 world to IRL (In the real life). There are 4 pillars to drive this project which contain Art, Utility, Branding, and Business Model. OppaBear is a one of multiple project that has great founder. He can drive the project so fast and always communicate with member. Moreover, they have several activities for community. If you love Art NFT, love NFT that has utility, NFT drive to real world, this project is your answer.


For those searching for high-quality NFTs, Oppa Bear is a recommended option. It boasts a lively community and a gifted, friendly, and reliable founder who frequently creates enjoyable activities for members. Additionally, there’s a captivating NFT staking and merchandise system.

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Oppa bear is an NFT community that provides knowledge about various business areas. I gained a lot of knowledge after joining this project. Thank you very much.


In my opinion, Oppa Bear NFT has strong and active community. There are a lot of event, game and business knowledge share from top management.

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The founder has the determination and effort to develop the NFT project in real life. There is roadmap and continue to implement follow roadmap. This project is gradually growing.

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The Oppa bear NFT community is a community that provides business knowledge. I have been extremely helpful in this community.

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The founder and teams are updated and follow the roadmap continuously. Recommended being a daily active NFT community!

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yeah i like the project OP MOYAC on quixotik they got verry active development and future plans ton of things…i got a believe that project will succeed

Great project that always strives to improve the implementation of NFT in the real world.

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  • People
  • Community
  • Product
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Awesome community and good roadmap. Let’s go oppa !

Please can we not fund another perfectly useless PFP project with zero fundamental difference from thousands of others making transparent attempts exclusively at pumping bags

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