Delegate or Citizen?

Dear OP forum,

I am trying to understand the difference between Delegates and Citizens. Does anyone have a simple explanation of their differences in roles and responsibilities?

Eager to hear from you all!

Bless 0xR


The Optimism Collective is governed by two houses, the Token House and the Citizens’ House.

In the Token House, OP holders are responsible for submitting, deliberating, and voting on various types of Optimism Collective governance proposals. They may do so by either voting their OP directly (after delegating their OP voting power to their own address), or by delegating their OP voting power to an eligible third party. Addresses with delegated OP voting power are called “delegates.”

In the Citizens’ House, Optimism Citizens are responsible for allocating rewards to providers of public goods through a process called “retroactive public goods funding” (RetroPGF). Badgeholders that participated in RetroPGF Round 3, demarcated via entries in the AttestationStation smart contract, are now Citizens. Citizenship is currently temporary.


Thanks for your answer. I´m going to consider this info to share with more people with the same question =)


Thank you for this! I see now… that token holders must delegate their tokens either to themselves or to someone else to be able to vote.

Bless, 0xR