Collective Trust Tiers

Yes, if you have executed on the milestones outlined in the proposal but have not yet reached the one year unlock, that would count.

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agree that lower tiers should be helpful
there is a question for approval number and not wasting time for delegates, but this should be somehow integrated in path going forward

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Maybe this will help.


Hi @lavande - A questioned surfaced during the Gov Office Hours. If a Fledgling tier applicant wants to apply to multiple rounds, do they get capped at an aggregated value of 250k OP?

Can a Fledgling tier contributor apply to multiple grants the tier amount? For example: 6 grants of 50K OP each.

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There is no limit to the number of grants for which an applicant can apply (there is no aggregate limit.)

The example you show is permitted; it is up to the Grants Council to decide whether they want to make multiple grants to the same applicant before that applicant has had a chance to demonstrate execution.

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Thank you for clarifying!

Optimism just keeps getting better. The tiers will help in areas of growth and putting people in the right areas. Would just enjoy to be part of any project that is working towards improving Optimism; especially security. We have so many people that need educating for adoption. Use to think that most projects were not trying to help people and those that have been involved know how bad the scammers can get. After researching Optimism a year back there was no lack of transparency, cause everything was organized and if any set backs, which I do not remember any there was still honesty. That being said I hope to be part of this amazing blockchain!

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I agree with your sentiments. The ops organization is efficient and functional. Would be happy to connect with you, too, to explore if there’s any synergy between our goals and projects.

Cool best team thanks