Collaboration ground for the Superchain around ETHCC | July 8th & 9th 💫

We’re excited to unveil Superchain Space, a two-day collaboration hub or the Superchain around ETHCC in Brussels on July 8th and July 9th!:red_circle:

Our team managed to secure a beautiful space close to the ETHCC venue with the perfect set-up for roundtables, workshops, co-working, and networking. The space also has a professional podcast room, and our team will bring recording equipment (and some custom merch).

Announcement Tweet | Lu Ma event Page

We hope for Superchain Space to become a breeding ground for Superchain collaboration and are looking for Citizens, Delegates, Builders, and OP Chain representatives to co-create this event with.

If you’re interested in hosting a roundtable related to an important topic for the Collective, or have an theme you want to discuss in a podcast or workshop, please feel free to reach out to us here, via Twitter, or by mailing to


Looking forward to this - especially interested in Governance and Public Goods Funding-related conversations.

I would love to have some Citizens share their learnings, good, bad, and ugly insights from the upcoming RPGF round, and discuss how we can maximize the Season 6 Mission budgets!


We’d be very happy to help in any way, are you looking for sponsorships or some extra-activity to organize?

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Exciting! Shooting you a DM now to explore this further.

Halliday team is interested!

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Nice! We’ll DM you on the forum to jam further, but any case you can also mail us at

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Excited to meet various Superchain bros!