Citizens' House Onboarding Call Summary

The Citizens’ House Onboarding Call took place on 16th January 2023 at 17:00 UTC. A call recording will be uploaded by @lavande

Important Dates

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Call Summary

  • Citizens are advised to browse the Citizens’ House Governance Hub.
  • Citizens’ House Governance Hub lists deadlines and to-do actions.
  • Citizens’ House governance is kicking off! A test vote will go live on Snapshot next week.
  • The Token House bootstraps the RetroPGF market via grants and governance funds.
  • Governance funds will eventually diminish. The long-term goal is for RetroPGF (via sequencer revenue) to support the ecosystem.
  • Each Voting Cycle involves a two-week Review Period, a one-week Voting Period, and an additional one-week Veto Period if there is a protocol upgrade.
  • The Veto Period is structured as a no-vote. The Veto threshold requires 30% of Citizens to cast a no-vote. Votes are public.
  • Citizens’ are advised to get familiar with the Delta Protocol Upgrade before the Veto Period starts on January 25th.
  • A joint-house call (Citizens’ House x Token House) is expected in February.

Optimism Collective Two-House System:

Q: What’s the role of the Security Council vs the Citizens’ House for protocol upgrades?
A: Citizens can Veto protocol upgrades. The Security Council will enact approved upgrades and can intervene in emergencies.

Q: Should inactive badgeholders be considered Citizens for the Veto threshold?
A: Right now they are, but this threshold is subject to change. Awaiting input from @Jonas


great summary! thanks for the recap, i wasnt able to attend, im currently diving on the delta network upgrade, by reducing the inactive cost we reduce the risk of launching a rollup!