Change the use of OP tokens from a governance token to the main network token for gas payment

yes , but eth should be ok too

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Good idea, I would support this proposal :smiley:

aggree, as an $OP holder i would appreciate

I don’t agree with this proposal. Optimism is a rollup network for ETH and it should remain using ETH for gas fee and $OP should be used as a government token.

What I’m actually looking for is to have more use cases for $OP other than delegating such as having LPs with $OP pairs, something like what we’ve seen in Velodrome. If Optimism network does grow with more DAPPs and more use cases for $OP, it will attract more investors to Optimism ecosystem, thus increasing the TVL as well as $OP price.

I strongly support this. Let’s get it done.

yeah its good, i think its better for OP in long time

agree totally with this proposal

I do not support this proposal.

I don’t support doing this without more indications of how it will play out in the market.

I DO support funding a committee to investigate the potential outcomes of this change. We need to do research, maybe build a prototype and test it in the wild.

The worst thing we could do is blow up the network with bad market incentives because we were in a hurry to drive up the price. This feels contrived to me. Like using a burn to increase price, it’s not really adding any value. It’s a token just to be a token.

Sure, fund a small scale test and some research to see if this idea has legs. Otherwise, I’m against speculative changes with huge unknowns – which only serve to pump the price and complicate the user experience.

Tread carefully. Experiment in a sandbox not in production