Change the use of OP tokens from a governance token to the main network token for gas payment

I don’t the necessity of doing this

This is very good though! However I do not agree with this, the essentialist of governance token will be lost, this is ethereum roll up, previously polygon did this and we know what happened to it! We need to keep the the grand idea same and have to look forward how the governance can be done to increase adaptability of OP!

yes, it must be done

Coooooooooool idea!!

Strongly disagree with this proposal. Optimism is symbiotic with Ethereum and it should remain so, paying fees on Optimism with OP with create a devaluation of the OP tokens (permanent selling pressure to pay L1 fees). OP should be used for governance and maybe later for a share of the sequencer revenue. Let’s think long term.

yes ,It will better reflect the empowerment and value of OP

Agreed, would be great for users and token utilities as well

great idea to prevent inflation on OP

its good, i think its better for OP to be both a governance token and main network token for gas fee?

I aggree, thats a good idea

yep, sure. why not. we can replace OP with ETH

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Hi I was wondering what day we should heads to the beach?

Adding the OP to the Gas option is great.

This is a bad idea. Someone has to pay for the settlement on layer 1 if we as the users dont cover the cost it will be covered by the sale of OP.

tl;dr no.

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Basically this. For those who think that allowing OP to be spent will make the price go up, unfortunately this is not how it works.

ETH needs to be paid on L1 for posting transaction data, so if users pay in OP then whoever is responsible for posting data back to L1 will just sell their OP → ETH to cover their fees.

nice try.I think its useful!

Why? I think we need to warm welcome the new comer by make it easy.

Im down 4 it. It will help OPs ecostructure as well will bring more investors.

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I strongly support this idea, and give an added value to this governance token $OP.

It wont bring more investors.

It adds 0 value to the governance token.