Cancel the "waiting to withdraw" bridge

Hi all, please help…
I bridged some ETH and USDT from op to mainnet, but forgot to leave some for gas fee.
Now it’s before “prove withdrawal”, but I can’t finish the transaction because there’s nothing to pay for gas… :pensive: can I cancel it at this stage?

Thank you!

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Hi, sorry, but if you have initiated your withdrawal on the official bridge, then it is not possible to cancel it.

I think you need to fund your wallet with some ETH on the ETH mainnet first since both the “prove withdrawal” and “finalized withdrawal” transactions are done on the ETH mainnet.

Also, I’m not sure if this is the right category to ask this question since the “How to” category is for the OP Foundation to post guides related to governance, not for questions related to the official bridge
cc @Gonna.eth


Got it, Thank you!
(BTW a reminder for others… please remember to leave something in your wallet for gas fee :confounded:)