Babel Optimism. Brainstorming for language barrier inclusion

Thank you for pointing me to this research, seems very interesting.

Is there a governance process for this or?

Once this is established, we can drop a lettuce and schedule the first session based on some of the principles we’ve identified in this thread?


I don’t think so. Some admin would decide I think. In the meantime, we can keep brainstorming and keep going. Anyway, the Discord channel is for attracting people to a better place to work like this forum. I think is better to stay on official channels.

Have a nice week

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The channel is a gate for more people to feel like participating in the project without third parties. And to know about the Optimism constitution. You don’t need to be a developer to participate. Just a citizen who has so much value to add.

Sure, it’s exhausting to use a language you don’t master. That’s a handicap for the great majority of the world’s population. How can something be decentralized without all that people participating? Same for normies/no-coiners. We need them too.

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are you in for a DAO? Wait for the new thread with details. We need to maximize diverse participation and minimize bad actors.

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Yes i’m interested How can I do it? @TheDoctor

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Just finishing a draft to introduce the babel m-DAO. Stay tuned and I look forward to hearing you’re feedback.

Oh I’m looking forward to it!! go for it

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sure ! I look forward to the next thread

Here it is !

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I love the DAO’s name and it Spirit, I am sure if the people of different culture and language meet up and talk together, the world will be a better place and will be more collaborative.


This is interesting, I rarely see comments about non-violent communication on the digital ecosystem, and it is a topic I am interested in.

Couldn’t be, one of the goals of such an experiment, the definition of some common expressions which could explain the ways that people within the m-DAO would expect communication?

These expressions could be available in as many languages as possible, so that everyone can reach them?

Mi idioma preferido es el español, pero también me manejo con el inglés, y participaría de una actividad como esa, si resultase de ayuda. :wink:

Nice proposal!


I like this line of thinking. The design space for what is possible to be included in these types of statements is finite. Yet, I personally often find that it’s difficult to uphold principles for everyone in all contexts. The execution of non-violent communication is less a function of written rules, and more a result of inner understanding and clarity of thought for each individual


Wow, great idea. Imagine that looking for those common expressions we end up with human universal expressions for those universal values I meant.


Cross posting for vis: [DRAFT] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Entangled Optimism mDAOs - Cycle #10 - #19 by lavande

Whats wrong with google translate?