Advancing Portfolio Tracking Excellence with Optimism


Hello, I represent a small startup ( working on a universal and anonymous portfolio tracker. We want to start our journey of interaction with crypto projects and that’s why I’m here. If you can give feedback. it will be very valuable for us.

About Us:
TrackStats provides a comprehensive yet user-friendly interface to monitor and manage cryptocurrency investments across various platforms. With a focus on real-time data accuracy, our platform supports a vast array of assets and offers a holistic view of a user’s digital holdings. The core features include Wallet Details, Cumulative Overview, NFT Gallery, and Heatmap, all encapsulated within a privacy-centric framework that operates without compromising user data.

Questions for Consideration:

  • What specific steps should TrackStats undertake to ensure a successful grant application?

  • What additional features, networks, or functionalities would the Optimism community like to see integrated within our tracker?

  • How can we better align our project objectives with the overarching goals and initiatives of Optimism to ensure a fruitful collaboration?

  • Any other suggestions or requirements for TrackStats to enhance its proposal and increase the chances of securing the grant?

Our Key Objectives for Future Dev:

Integration of opBNB:
Develop and implement functionalities to integrate opBNB within the portfolio tracker, enabling users to seamlessly manage and review their opBNB holdings alongside other assets.

Exploration of “SUPERCHAIN” Grant Application:
Delve into the potential of applying for a grant under the “Tools and Infrastructure” category to support networks and possibly provide analytics within the SUPERCHAIN initiative.