Optimism fundamentals by Token Terminal

A space to discuss the fundamentals of ‘Optimism’.

Hey Optimism community :wave:

We at Token Terminal have introduced a governance forum for public discussion around the data displayed on the platform.

Going forward, we’ll start sharing Optimism-focused monthly data updates on the TT forum, and cross-post them here as well for further discussion.

Looking forward to being an active participant in the OP community!

Link to the dashboard: Optimism (OP) - Key metrics | Dashboard | Token Terminal

Link to the governance forum: Optimism fundamentals


Token Terminal <> Optimism | Monthly data update (March 2023)

Chains tracked: Optimism


  • Fees: Total transaction fees paid by users
  • Supply-side fees: Share of transaction fees that goes to Ethereum validators
  • Revenue: Share of transaction fees that goes to the Sequencer
  • Token incentives: USD value of the protocol’s governance tokens that have been distributed to protocols building on Optimism
  • Earnings: Revenue minus token incentives
  • Treasury: Monthly average USD value of the protocol’s funds held on-chain (including unallocated governance tokens)
  • Daily active users: Monthly average number of daily distinct sender addresses
  • Active developers: Monthly average number of distinct GitHub users that made 1+ commits to the project’s public GitHub repositories during the past 30 days
  • Code commits: Number of commits to the project’s public GitHub repositories

Metrics (March 2023):

  • Fees: $2.33m
  • Supply-side fees: $1.90m
  • Revenue: $427.88k
  • Token incentives: $13.89m
  • Earnings: $-13.46m
  • Treasury: N/A
  • Daily active users: 43.82k
  • Active developers: 42
  • Code commits: 794


Interesting suggestion to track activity in the Optimism ecosystem right inside the forum, I like this idea
Thanks to the Token Terminal team for a similar implementation, I think it would be useful


hello its good :grinning:i like this choise adn very glad for u

It really sounds like a great idea. Although it is a bit complicated. I have to spend some time on it to figure it out. An amazing idea to have a place to discuss Optimism matters profoundly.

Hi there.

Token Terminal is my favorite go to place for checking metrics.

In competition section of optimism I see polygon and arbitrum. But polygon is a separate chain and not a rollup and doesn’t have the same security of a rollup. I guess over time you can remove polygon and instead add zk rollups to get a better understanding of positioning of optimism among L2s.