Active 3rd party Attestations

In this thread we discuss about protocols building on top AttestationStation.

What is AttestationStation?


First up:

Optimism Attestor by Clique.

It will check if you have a solid Twitter account and social influence.

Learn more: Provenance



Optimism Score by Flipside.

Score up to 5 points by doing things that contribute to the Optimism Network.

Learn more:


Thanks for the share @Urban_Raccoon !

We at Flipside are excited to continue to develop on-chain proof of activity & attestations on Optimism.

Some facts about the app:

  • 9000+ attesters and users of the app
  • Code is entirely open-sourced, linked here
  • Results and data queryable via SDK in JavaScript, Python, and R: Optimist Score Queries & Data

If anyone has any questions about the above or feedback let me know here!


Are ENS names recognized in an attestation? I feel like if you were trying to use attestations to build sybil resistance for something, recognizing addressses with ENS names might be good. Because bots aren’t really setting a primiary ENS names as far as I know (at least for now).

Also is there a chance those queries you linked get updated? I was curious about my own address and didn’t see it in there. Looks like they were updated on the 8th and I attested on the 9th. x_x


Hey @waber.eth, nice catch! We’ve hit refresh on the query so you should be seeing it now.

For the future we’ve set it to auto-update.

Hope this helps!

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How many tokens you have to delegate in order to be eligible?

Great work @fig ! :clap:

Just one feedback, move the message " [Transaction successful!]" more to the right. To be aligned with the button “Attest Your Score On Chain”

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Thank you. I’ll refer to it and work hard! :grinning:

Thanks for updating it! Cheers!


Good observation! Definitely important detail to note.

Thanks for updating it! Cheers!

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Great I already use this function


Thank you. Definitely important detail to note.

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We are also planning on building an Attestation Station for the layer 2 NFT marketplace currently in development…
This seems like a great opportunity to build something cool & innovative that brings a lot of activity to your platform.
Our main focus is Public Goods so now we are coming up with some kind of theme surrounding the build of the product.
I am so excited for 2023 and the upcoming growth for the NFT sector on Optimism network!!!


Awesome! Let us know once you something to share.

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Sounds pretty neat! I’ll be on the look out for sure.

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If I have already received my diploma but I only have 2 points, can I get an airdrop?

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What are some things you would like to see in an attestation station ???

I want it to be educational.

Perhaps you could verify ones activity on other chains? I believe majority of OP user have track record on other chains and maybe that could be one way to improve your on chain reputation?