A note on Lido assets lost to Optimism bridge

Hello, Optimism community! I’m Gregory from the Lido DAO, and I want to address an incident that took place a few weeks ago at the Lido DAO’s reWARDS Committee (aka Liquidity Observation Lab). The full post-mortem is available on the Lido governance forum.

The Lido reWARDS Committee has recently identified an operational error that took place a few weeks ago, leading to a loss of 12 wstETH from the reWARDS budget allocated for liquidity incentives on Optimism. In a transaction initiated by the reWARDS Committee, 12 wstETH were mistakenly sent to the standard Optimism Gateway address instead of the custom wstETH bridge developed by the Lido contributors. Both the sending and the receiving multisigs on Ethereum mainnet and on Optimism respectively belong to the Lido DAO and are listed on our official documentation.
We have investigated the incident and determined that it was a human error on our end.

While we acknowledge that there’s no immediate way to recover these funds, we want to emphasize our commitment to transparency and accountability. This note is being posted primarily for visibility in case of potential future bridge upgrades or assets rescue operations on the Optimism side.

We welcome your feedback, questions, and suggestions as we work together to ensure the security and success of both Lido and Optimism in the future.