Working Constitution of the Optimism Collective

Im working on fine tuning ideas for blockchain based governance. Im interested to share these ideas with the community so they can be even more fine tuned.

My ideas circle mainly around voting, how to incentivize the voter to do a good job as a voter.
How to filter proposals and how to make new ideas into proposals that will be voted on.

god! best wishes to OP!
can someone explain to me how I can participate in Optimism governance activities? Where is it possible to vote on proposals? ps: the democratic model that has been devised is really original, cool! is very similar to the governance system of cooperatives

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It’s an wonderful praposal…be optimistic

You can vote here. Snapshot

@bobby Once the governance fund ($OP) was allocated to each project, how do we ensure those allocations will be used similarly as promised?

Proud to be part of the Optimism Collective.

This is good we are on the right track Support OP

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Good the information and the systems all the best

Cool.Excited to add value to the collective.

optimistic project ,LFG

good information. Stay optimism LFG

6. Always. Stay Optimistic and be kind :red_circle::sparkles: ???

Awesome super pumped to be apart of optimis
And the community

Good to see it from day one and it keep shaping stronger and faster than we think

Always,Stay Optimistic


Cool work. :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :kissing_heart: :kissing: :smiling_face:

Been using Optimism for a while. Really love the fast speed and low gas fee. Secure transaction.

Very nice boys and girls!