Working Constitution of the Optimism Collective

So, if I hold my airdrop 1 tokens, I am a part of Collective, amazing! Looking forward to becoming a Citizen

Hi all,

Please let me know if this was already discussed:

According to the aforementioned section, OP Holders are enabled to remove directors and veto changes to the documents of the Optimism Foundation.

Despite of having that right, I understand that we are not allowed to review those documents. To that end, we should be given access to, at least:

  • Optimism Foundation Register of Directors.
  • Optimism Foundation Memorandum.
  • Optimism Foundation Articles of Association.

The foundation was incorporated in the Cayman Islands, and therefore, only Directors/Officers are allowed access to the aforementioned documents.

It would be awesome to be able to access such documents in order to exercise the rights listed in section 4.


I think this is the best attempt so far at governance. Excited to see where it goes!

that a valid point, but if you have read the same document, you might have seen that in long term OP gov will become more decentralized and will be managed by its two houses.
This is long vision.

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Absolutely. It would be even better if, in the long term, the Foundation itself gets dissolved (e.g MakerDAO).

Besides that, and besides the fact that the Governance will keep being changed until a “Bedrock Constitution” is enacted (This Governance Will Self Destruct — The Optimism Collective), we currently have the Token House as the only Gov House. Hence the importance of getting access to the aforementioned documents in the meantime.

feliz por fazer parte do Optimism …verificando e participando do crescimento

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I agree. They should change the votes from delegated voting to just regular 1:1 voting, then everyone can have a voice

The bear market will continue in the next few months, I hope OP will not fall.

i am happy to be part of this community

optimism is on the right track

welcome back 乐观正走在正确的轨道上

I think it’s a great proposal

One of the few most solemn project I ever known. :face_with_monocle:
Stay Optimistic !

Op approved itself as the the best layer2 so far!
I am very proud to be the holder and part of the community.
This constitution is definitely a great starting point. Fully support!

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Me too OP have a very good potential and will fly high I trust OP and I’m OP holder

i believe in the optimistic valuesOpen, transparent, in support of public goods

:grinning:, Good ,OP are on the right path,go on

Stay Optimistic ! :red_circle:
I am happy to be here

Good started. I always support OP.