Will there be any usecase of $OP beside voting

Will there be any usecase of $OP beside voting.

will there be any usecase relate to sequencer? (i have seen this usecase somewhere but i can’t not remember.)

Thank you

I think more use cases will pop up as the governance and the ecosystem grows

It’s so early yet!


I think later when the governance starts in effect the use cases will come.


Yeah, Hopefully we will see some other usecase. I think voting should use Citizen house instead of token house,

Hi,what exactly is the difference between optimism and arbitrum? thanks for inputs

Both are optimistic rollups but Optimism is striving for EVM equivalence instead of just EVM compatibility.

I am sure there are other technical differences that I am unaware of at the moment. The last and biggest difference is the focus on Public Goods Funding and the general ethos around Optimism being a protocol for the people.


thanks for the inputs…without IT background it’s still difficult to understand :smile:

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