What does Optimism need to improve?

Optimism has grown for very long time, but they miss something that other chains have.

I personally think we need to create the hype that makes optimism recognize and show its power for all Developers & Creators for everyone to move the essential.

We have very good Dapps so we need to change to the trend creating NFT but with a utility & most important loyal to the chain (I will explain later).

The RetroPGF is good but the distribution halts after on distribution, which is bad the projects, they choose should return the funds back through distributing the funds to more development. In NFT Section i personally think we should create a nouns-based collection from the funding wheel to be more effective however the problem with nouns was it did not fund a major development rather focusing on small real-world projects so we could improve the development from larger projects such as real-world projects which eventually brings awareness and automatically bring on chain developers & Creators rather than continues funding.

Innovation needs Funding rather improvement in existing projects.

The Three requirements needed for funding would:

  1. What does the project solve?
  2. What is the Future Plan that brings value to optimism?
  3. How will the Funding Wheel go without the help of Optimism?

All this should be decentralized (Community Right only).

A study from a university shows that Games have been popular mobile and computer gaming among the teenagers so we could actually start funding project with use cases that can take on chain data to mainstream outputs which could make a better vision in for the community and incentivizing it would be more effective as teenagers get addicted very easily for instance I am 21 years, I play games even my friends. but if think most teenagers tend to play game, we should research on the proper one that make it effective.

Loyalty through funding different projects with innovation but through the profit the project made.

Funding on ideas that are innovative which could be more effective & efficient development.
Beyond Infinity!


More innovation could make a new revolution.

Listen when internet appeared in early 90s the new york times posted is it even a thing well now we are communicating with its use over 90% is running through internet.

Could we create something amazing!

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Optimism needs an optimal solution to make Contribution innovatively that make the community vibe.
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The More time you spent with the community and chain that decides your intention.

Incentivizing is the best method to build true people innovatively and efficient.

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Optimism is a great application we can improve from proper Retro Funding for developers and Creators.

Beyond Infinity.


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I think Optimism needs to bring more developers & Creators with the Fly wheel effect within the chain could make a lot of difference it is the essence of chain which gives flavor to it.

For Example:

Ethereum is the only with a combination of all categories.
Aptos took it category of **NFT’**s which made it popular also the technic they implemented was Free mint.
Cosmos took the category of Airdrops which made large volume in 2021 passing major one in coinmarketcap.
Fantom does the best in APR & APY incentivizing people with deposits which is great for Whales.

Also, this shows the community vibe within each chain.

So, i personally think that optimism is incentivizing all the developers & Creators, but it could try to bring innovation just like Aptos, A technic will be essential in implementation.

And if Optimism is implementing this plan " To become like Ethereum" i think it needs to master each and every category slowly which make long term community members rather than one off people “Just for the Hype”.

Beyond Infinity.

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Feel Free to ask questions.

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Come on!
This is ridiculously.

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Builder Protocol (https://nouns.build/) allows anyone to create their own Nounish DAO and it supports Optimism. What you are describing sounds like a community effort to start a Nounish DAO to fund experiences on OP. I think it’s a good idea and something you should persue. I’m happy to help you with the mechanics of setting one up or the things you should consider before launching it. I’m the founder of Purple, a public goods DAO that supports the Farcaster ecosystem and I’m here to tell you that what you suggest is possible and requires a strong founder, a clear mission and a meme that can attract bidders.