Token House Community call will be [Tuesday, February 13th @ 10:00 PT / 13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET]

Hey Optimists!

We will be having a Token House meeting to talk about all things token house governance!

Feel free to comment below on any topics you’d like covered.

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom



@maurelian, are you or someone from the engineering team able to give a quick summary and answer questions for Upgrade Proposal #4?

@brockelmore, are you or someone from the Developer Advisory Board willing to do an intro to the token house?

@CoCCouncil, is someone available from the Code of Conduct Council available to do an intro to the token house?


Hi @Michael

I’m a member of the CoCC. So, thanks very much for the invite.

The time slot is a bit difficult for my particular timezone, so I am going to request another of the team members to attend this community call. But if none of them can attend then I would be ready to attend.

So you can plan and move forward knowing that someone from the CoCC will definitely be in attendance. I.e. It either be one of us in a more friendly timezone, or it’ll be me.

Thanks again for the invite, and considering the CoCC in your planning process.

All the best.

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I appreciate it! Looking forward to it.

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Looking forward! Is it on OP Governance Google Calendar?

Yes, it is on there now!

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Happy to join! I’ll be there.

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Hello! Thanks, @Michael, I´ll be there! And I´m sure other members of the CoCC will be there too!


GM @Michael! Could you add a quick reminder for the next ACC Office Hours on February 29th, please?

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