Should we pay fees with OP token?

Guys on Optimism Network we should to pay fees with OP token, not with ETH. Do you agree with me?


We already have several topics for this purpose, friend.:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

ok,i think it’s right, let’s do it.

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Yes, that is what i thought initially native tokens used to pay platform fees.

That is a great idea!

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yes 100%

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Might be worth deleting this and merging your comments into Change the use of OP tokens from a governance token to the main network token for gas payment .

With regards to the proposal, why would this be a good idea?

It would not change the fact that the fees collected would need to be turned into ether, as this is what pays for posting the proofs/data onto Ethereum. If OP was used to pay for gas, it would need to be sold almost instantly for ether so if you’re imagining that doing this would change the net buy/sell pressure then you are mistaken.

This change would however break one of Optimism’s unique advantages over other EVM compatible rollups, the fact that it is Ethereum Equivalent. This means that devs can just port over dApps with almost no changes, making it simpler to build the ecosystem here than anywhere else. It also means that upgrades to Ethereum that turn out to be beneficial can be ported over almost seamlessly. If we changed the way gas worked then these advantages would be lost. If there was a tangible benefit to doing so then there could be a reasonable debate about what Ethereum Equivalence is worth Vs the advantage of using OP for transaction fees, but I haven’t seen anyone suggest a real net benefit in any of these threads about it. Please if I’m missing something then do correct me!


I don’t know, I need learn more about its purpose,
let me see

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i find this idea really good and working. hope it will be approved.

I agree with you. Token should have utility.

Please post in Enabling $OP as a gas token on Optimism Network!