Season 2 Feedback Thread

Season 2 feedback

a) Still having a lot of issues to navigate topics, have been adding tags to many posts but that helps marginally at best.
b) Velodrome Proposal for Cycle 8 getting locked because of so many reports is concerning, essentially they were DDOS. I understand why it exists, but it effectively put a stop to the discussion by shooting everyone dead.
c) Related to both issues a) and b), might be good to extend the nerds solution from Discord to the forum, that was just a taste and on hand moderation will be needed

d) The issues relating to votes on the original Committee vote not appearing on snapshot, poisoned all future interactions because people felt (understandably) underrepresented.
e) Committees original idea was to release bandwidth from delegates, which I think it worked. BUT all in all, community that are actually interacting with proposals on the forum are at most 30.

f) Requiring TWO delegates with 0.5% voting power put a stop to many proposals because related to the point e), as a proposers you need to wrangle delegates to go for your proposal and engage with it AND there are only 36 delegates with 0.5% vp.
g) Pacing for proposals feels very hectic at times because of the small (and needed) changes to the OPerating Manual. Proposers tended to get lost on the minutia.