[REVIEW][GF Phase 1 Proposal] Optimism 🤝 Tally Ho

The committee recommendation of the tooling committee of which I am a member is to abstain and leave it up to each delegate.

I will be voting against the proposal at this point though I am a fan of Tally wallet. The reason is stated in the committee review.

I strongly urge them to reapply next round taking that feedback into account and would be glad to consider the amended proposal and with the user incentivisation framework figured out.


For any other delegates coming here to decide what to do with the committee abstention, I’ll leave you some stats.

  • Over the past 30 days, Tally Ho has been the 7th largest 0x app on Optimism, with over $150k in volume, eclipsing Rainbow, a wallet that was recently voted more OP incentives.
  • Since launch, Optimism has been our most popular network by transaction count.
  • 0 OP will go toward development, which the team completed before our proposal. All incentives will go directly to users.
  • Since this proposal, over 10k new users have installed Tally Ho… >30% growth.
  • Since this proposal, another 60k+ people have signed the Web3 pledge… > 75% growth.
  • So far, we’ve brought over 7k Tally Ho users to Optimism, and we’d love to keep growing together.

Happy to answer questions for anyone on the fence!

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I voted FOR on this proposal in opposition to the tooling committee’s recommendation. I’ve personally been a user of Tally and have been impressed by their deep commitment to building open source and in public with the community. Additionally, they’ve been quick to support key Ethereum specs like SiWE + L2s like Optimism.

I see Tally as a legitimate alternative to Metamask and given this, their willingness to include and listen to community feedback could lead to an explosion of usage down the road, which in turn would be directed in large part to Optimism.


Snapshot vote - passed

@mhluongo can you provide a Telegram handle or other contact method so the Optimism team can get in touch about paying out this grant! Feel free to comment on this thread, DM, or email palash@optimism.io

Just updated our recipient address — the Safe address we were using on L1 mainnet isn’t supported on L2. Here’s the new address


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I love this initiative, high quality interface and a very good UX. Also I think that we need inside swaps with the leading ecosystems like Velodrome. If we are of some help in Nación Bankless we can try to onboard more people in the Spanish speaking nations.

looks good
why not dedicate some OP to users

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