[REVIEW] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] DefiLlama

1. Presentation

We are an officially recognized Tooling Governance Committee, responsible for assessing proposals related to tooling and infrastructure (wallets, bridges etc.).

2- About the project

Defillama is a dashboard and analytics website that has supported Optimism data analytics since shortly after launch.

Llamapay is a payment streaming project that can be used to stream salaries and other payments. It’s been live in Optimism since end of April 2022.

3- About the following

The proposal was published on September 27th asking for 170k OP tokens for Defillama and for 130k OP tokens for Llamapay.

As a Tooling committee, the project was recently catalogued as “Tooling” in the Grant category, and so we’ve taken on the responsibility of issuing a recommendation.

4- About the proposal valuation

  • Added value (good to bad): good. Defillama is a staple of analytics in the space and has been active on optimism since the start. Regarding llamapay we are not sure but the comparison to superfluid is fair.
  • Impact or expected usage (high to low): medium. Defillama is definitely being used a lot in optimism/mainnet so the expected usage is definitely high. Llamapay usage in optimism low~ish but according to the TVL it’s sufficiently high compared to other solutions.
  • Current Status [Development stage/Open Source?] (early to ready): ready. Both defillama and llamapay are ready.
  • Expenditure plan and distribution (appropriate to inappropriate): reasonable. Both amounts are reasonable. We would have loved to see a more detailed expenditure report since the funds are supposed to cover work already done. Also it would have been much better if the proposal had been split in 2 different proposals since it concerns 2 different projects to give the committee judge each project in its own right.
  • Amount requested (high to low): medium. Again without a detailed expenses report it’s literally impossible to judge the amount here. The comparison to other projects that received OP tokens and paid salaries is reasonable but since there is no more details given we can’t determine if the amount is high or low.

5. KPIs and impact tracking

Defillama dashboard is already being used by people and projects in optimism.

For Llamapay the current TVL is around $61k(https://defillama.com/protocol/llamapay), 79 active streams and 39 payers with active streams (data provided by 0xngmi via DMs). To track progress and see if the grant was succesful in helping the project it would be nice to compare current and future metrics.


Both projects are already deployed and working on optimism. So this grant would not be to get something to optimism but to reward for work already done. There was suggestions in the forums to ask them to wait until RPGF is ready and apply there but we believe that since RPGF is not ready yet that should not be considered as an option now.
Both projects follow the opensource ethos, have no VC backing and are fully community based and open. We need more projects like this in the field, not less. So we should do everything we can to encourage people to build this way. For those reasons the final recommendation is YES.