RetroPGF Round 3 Feedback Thread

Dear Badgeholders,

I am Maxime, co-founder of Web3xplorer, a dedicated and non-monetized directory for Ethereum and its Layer 2 networks, like Base and Optimism.

As the RetroPGF voting process unfolds, I feel compelled to share both my personal reflections and broader concerns that I’ve observed in the community, especially on the RetroPGF Discord channel and Twitter.

1. The Human Aspect of Voting
The past few weeks have been a period of growing anxiety for me, seeing Web3xplorer not included in any ballot or lists. This concern extends beyond my project; many impactful initiatives on Optimism are in a similar situation.

It’s a stark reminder of the profound impact your votes have. Behind each project are people - entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers whose livelihoods and aspirations perhaps hinge on your decisions.

2. Understanding Your Challenge
I acknowledge the immense challenge you face as badgeholders. Curating just 15 projects for an unofficial ‘Adoption Underdogs’ list took me half a day. Considering the scale of ~650 projects you’re reviewing, I can only imagine the enormity of your task. Your dedication is truly commendable, and the responsibility you hold is significant.

3. Tools to Assist Your Review
To aid in your evaluation, I recommend three tools offering a quick overview of the ballot distribution:

These platforms can help identify projects that, though perhaps lesser-known, are deserving of your attention and support and might not have been included in many ballots.

4. A Call for Inclusive Consideration
In this crucial final week of voting, I urge you to use these tools and consider the less visible projects. Each vote you cast shapes the future of an initiative and, by extension, the lives of those who’ve poured their hearts into them. Your choices not only support individual projects; they uphold the vibrant diversity and innovation of our entire ecosystem.

Let’s aim for a balance that acknowledges both the established and the emerging, ensuring every part of our community, big or small, is recognized and valued.

5. Enhancing the Voting Process in Future RetroPGF Rounds
For future RetroPGF voting, I recommend two specific improvements.

  1. First, financial compensation for badgeholders is essential. Allocating a part of the RetroPGF budget for this acknowledges their extensive efforts.
  2. Second, I suggest a more structured two-phase voting approach. Initially, a select group of badgeholders with recognized expertise could be ‘voted in’ as champions, tasked with creating curated lists based on their knowledge. In the second phase, the wider badgeholder community can vote, utilizing these expertly curated lists as a guide. This method would streamline the process, ensuring both in-depth analysis and broader community participation.

Implementing these changes would not only make the voting process more manageable but also ensure that it is more balanced and fair, giving due consideration to all projects in our vibrant community.

Thank you for your commitment and thoughtful consideration during this impactful process.

Warm regards,


PS: If you want to support Web3xplorer, here is the link to Agora: Optimism Agora