RetroPGF Round 3 Feedback Thread

Dear Optimism Community,

We hope this message finds you well. Today, we feel compelled to address certain online allegations from an individual named Carlos Melgar (aka Web3Beach), who at one time belonged to our community and was banned for violating the code of conduct. Regardless, this is not the first time he has accused and defamed us, but this time we want to come out in our defense.

Background: Carlos has made claims, such as accusing us of grifting and providing misleading information, that we find necessary to clarify.

Fact-Checking: We find these allegations baseless and lacking evidence. Ethereum Honduras remains committed to helping the whole Ethereum ecosystem (which includes Optimism) and the RPGF to improve and be a fair place to retroactively reward contributors.

Addressing Specific Allegations:
“[…] Ethereum San Pedro Sula is funded by the EF and Ethereum Honduras[…]”: As with many Ethereum communities, each community manages and seeks funding independently through known mechanisms.

“[…] They double report the work regarding Randomness Ceremonies[…]”: Filosofía Código is a YouTube channel and web3 dev community. The Randomness Ceremony is a Dapp and a fun in-person meetup that onboards users and artists to web3. Very different projects, in this case, Filosofía Código created open source contracts and the Randomness Ceremony uses the contracts to host events. While the Randomness Ceremony was organized by collaborators of Ethereum SPS, the organizer is aiming to spin off this activity as a sub-community and applying as individual. Ethereum SPS is not part of RetroPGF.

“[…] They operate on a conflict of interest […]”: Ethereum Honduras is a grassroots community composed of the collaboration of independent node communities. La Randomness Ceremonies, Filosofía Código, and Ethereum Honduras are friend organizations. We collaborate with any community that aligns with our ethos.

Additionally, Ethereum Honduras or their city communities aren’t part of this RetroPGF and badgeholders need to disclosure any potential conflict of interest Badgeholder Conflict of Interest Disclosures

“[…] They don’t have the best interest of the region[…]”: We let our actions speak for us check our quarterly reports here: Ethereum Honduras.

Open Communication: Feel free to reach out with any questions or worries regarding Carlos’s claims. We value your input.

Moving Forward: Despite challenges, we’re devoted to organizing meaningful events. Thank you for your continued support.

Conclusion: The overall ecosystem is built by collaborating and not by tying up people or projects on a daily basis. From our side, we respect the values of Optimism as well as Ethereum.

Stay Optimistic!