RetroPGF Experimentation: Voting Algorithms

Median with quorum


  • Prevents collusion
  • Badgeholders only need to vote on areas of expertise


  • Incentivizes projects concerned about making quorum to promote to all badgeholders to get any RetroPGF (maximize “likes”)
  • Disincentivizes projects confident of making quorum to create awareness outside badgeholders already aware of their impact as this could reduce RetroPGF (“love” vs “like”)
  • Voting specific to algorithm:
    • only voting on project you “love” to not reduce RetroPGF
    • voting 0 only on projects making quorum (as 0 value vote counted for quorum)
    • voting at last minute to maximize projects making quorum or make 0 value votes

Voting strategies specific to algorithm may impact comparison with other algorithms