RetroPGF 3: Application Feedback

I totally understand the whole Impact = Profit cycle intention. Bootsrapping that cycle is awesome and if we do it right, people will invest into startups that are going to make Impact, and they shouldn’t be punished for that especially since getting investment is not really a “Profit” for the organization… However, I have to agree with Lef.

This is my understanding of what we want with the RetroPGF cycle, it is beautiful… I rant and rave about it to anyone that will listen… but we aren’t there yet. I don’t know of any projects that sold investors a story about getting money from RetroPGF to pay out to the investors. We are still
in the bootstrapping phase, so the investments that will show up this round will mostly see RetroPGF as a bonus. That said, even after this flow is happening… we should still be made aware of the investment numbers.

As a badge holder, I want to simply ask you to sell us on the vision of RetroPGF so we can deprioritize the investment numbers, but don’t intentionally exclude this relevant info.

Understanding the investment #'s is important to understand the whole picture of a project. Explicitly excluding it feels like we are being treated like children that just couldn’t understand.

Last round the badgeholders actually passed around a spreadsheet to track the investment numbers they knew of… I assume we will do the same this round, so it might as well be included in the form. If we want the info we will make it happen.

It would be an easy change to just explicitly include investment #'s in the same question.