[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Superfluid

Great question - I’d call a team Optimism Native if their project and/or treasury was on Optimism primarily.

In general though, if a team starts paying a salary or vesting on Optimism we consider the chances pretty high they’ll stick around as their employees will have funds on Optimism and have sorted their own personal Optimism investment and off-ramp setups. Ideally the draw of other projects to use on Optimism will keep them around too!

For our ecosystem of projects, they will each have different models, but in general Superfluid doesn’t attract mercenary capital as it’s not “yield farming” and streams are long-term. Additionally we will be selective about who receives the OP tokens.

There isn’t much else that would make sense to do to lock people into Optimism from the Superfluid side IMO since we are a payment rail designed for maximum capital efficiency and minimum overhead.

Thanks for the offer - please feel free to tag anyone who might lend additional perspective, we’d love to refine this to meet everyone’s goals.

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I hope you dont mind the tag. I want to support this proposal but need some input. @MinimalGravitas @solarcurve


I like this proposal a lot overall. Great way to get DAO’s/teams to use Optimism to pay people, thus making those people use Optimism. Good chance this leads to some of these users sticking around I think.

As far as whether it’s better to ask for a year of funding or reduce this proposal’s ask and return in 6 months for a top up, it’s a fair point. I’d personally support this proposal as written (giving 300k OP to use over a year). Cutting that to 150k OP over 6 months might win over some other people though.


Thanks for the tag @OPUser.

Superfluid is a project that I’ve tested out a little bit on Polygon and so I think I see the merit in this proposal as a way to migrate teams that are currently paying their salaries on the platform via a different network (such as Gnosis or Arbitrum).

The amount of tokens requested is not large, but I do agree that it might make sense to reduce the initial period to 6 months and then reassess. If the number of people’s salaries that are being paid on Optimism through Superfluid has increased significantly then there’s no reason why the second allocation can’t be larger than the first.

Like SolarCurve said, I’d be support this as it is, but it might just be more flexible for the project itself if you change to 6 months /150k then provide some kind of metric showing the change in use in a few months time and then apply for more based on usage and the value of OP at the time.


Thanks for the inputs @solarcurve and @MinimalGravitas! It’s a fair suggestion and we’re more than happy to reduce the token request and the scope to 6 months’ worth of stream as you have suggested. I’ll go an update the header post.

If you have any other suggestions or comments before we remove the draft tag and prepare it for consideration let me know!


so, i am happy to hear that superfluid wants to be with optimism eco.
i support you.

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We are fans of Superfluid and like the proposal irrespective of your ask being 150K or 300K Op. Overall, we see value in moving over treasuries and bringing regular users with you but we’d be even more interested in (incentives for) projects building on top of you on Optimism. Phase 1 is closing soon, better hurry up :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! We’re definitely on the same page and hope that our builder incentives will be impactful with these OP funds.

Just checking, have I missed anything to be included in Phase 1? I changed the title to Ready

Looks like you’re a bit late and not live on Snapshot voting. (Many have already voted and some might not see it in the next 5 days.) Anyways, I will ask in the Discord governance chat to have you included for this funding cycle.

The next cycle will go live next week and Superfluid will be included there :slight_smile: