[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Superfluid

Looks like you’re a bit late and not live on Snapshot voting. (Many have already voted and some might not see it in the next 5 days.) Anyways, I will ask in the Discord governance chat to have you included for this funding cycle.

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The next cycle will go live next week and Superfluid will be included there :slight_smile:

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Already voted “For”. Money flow projects like Superfluid are useful for Optimism ecosystem=)


Hey @vijay thanks a lot for the proposal. I got to learn about superfluid thanks to your booth in ETHBarcelona.

Seems like a really interesting project and admittedly being in Optimism would make even more sense than L1.

At this point I have a simple question to only understand a bit better how the allocation will be used.
My understanding right now is:

You will use the tokens to incentivize building on superfluid (only in optimism) with 112,500 $OP (75%) and 37,500 $OP for salary incentives on the streams themselves. Question here. Salary incentives would be on both sender and receiver side of only one of them?

And this will be for the first 6 months and then you may come back with another request. Correct?

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I’m voting For, given the reasonable amount and a clear usecase. However, I’d say the bigger opportunity is not just moving L1 treasuries to L2; but rather new projects that were cost-prohibitive and thus did not exist on L1. Hope to see the allocation used along those lines.


Voted: Yes
I like everything about this proposal.

  1. Clear use case and distribution plan
  2. Reasonable ask
  3. Duration

Hey @lefterisjp!

The salary incentives are intended to go to employees (not to employers).

Indeed, we’ve reduced our initial ask with the goal of being able to bring validating data to support a follow-up application after the first 6 months.

Hey @polynya, that is in fact a fundamental thesis of Superfluid, so it’s nice to see it echoed here! The ecosystem of projects built on top of Superfluid will hopefully help us prove this out with the aid of OP incentives to kickstart.

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We changed our perspective from mainnet treasuries to L2 treasuries approx. 3 months ago— it’s much easier to handle. (Peace of mind that you can rebalance at a reasonable rate)

Just awaiting the right time to port over more liquidity. :pray:

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I am not a delegate, but I am an active member of the DefiLATAM and OptimismESP community.

The amount you are asking for is reasonable and so is the distribution plan. In my opinion Superfluid is a good payment tool, useful for protocols and DAOs.


我非常喜欢这个提议。让 DAO / 团队使用 Optimism 向人们付款的好方法,从而使这些人使用 Optimism。我认为这很有可能导致其中一些用户留下来。

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I voted yes on this proposal. The project has traction, the amount requested is reasonable, and I think that streaming is an important use case for Optimism. I’ve also seen a number of developers building on top of Superfluid through ETHTGlobal hackathons and it seems to be well-received among developers.


Vote: Yes

Superfluid has a great product and track record. We prefer that superfluid has opted for 150k of $OP and would encourage you to apply again when you have more evidence of your success. Once we can evaluate the success of superfluid adoption on Optimism it will be much easier to request further tokens or even a larger amount (if necessary).

However, we would prefer a more detailed explanation of the OP distribution. Since it is a modest amount being requested we are being lenient but would have liked to see a breakdown of where OP would be going (it was explained a bit in the comments)

We support your decision to help other apps within your ecosystem move to optimism and would like some further details on what that support would entail? Is it solely financial?

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I voted YES :white_check_mark: for this proposal

Project value: Strong, payment systems are one of the core things the space is lacking and specifically on OP. This project is providing a unique solution and can drive long term value to OP :+1:

Amount: Good, for the size of the project and usage of funds

OP distribution: Okay, I like how part will go to developers that integrate on OP. I am not quite sure about the incentives on how exactly they will get used as it seems quite open.


Hey @Bobbay_StableLab and @fewol

Thanks for your support and also for the follow-up questions!

However, we would prefer a more detailed explanation of the OP distribution.
We support your decision to help other apps within your ecosystem move to optimism and would like some further details on what that support would entail? Is it solely financial?

We intend to stream funds to builders using Superfluid to give grants for them to deploy on Optimism and for salary incentives to web3 employees being paid in streams on Optimism.

75% will be allocated to projects within our community of builders for deploying on Optimism, in OP grants based on the amount of work required and the potential impact of the project, as judged by us in conversation with the relevant teams.

We already offer extensive free developer support for builders and integrations and in addition, offer a totally free startup program called Superfluid Reactor where we offer startup advice, extra technical support and eventually partnership and investment introductions. The above grants may be combined with this programme if we see there is good alignment.

25% for salary incentives to employees will likely be a campaign we spend our own marketing dollars on, and likely divided equally between a certain total number of employees we aim to onboard to receiving salaries on Optimism (concrete details tbd).

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Thank you for sharing these details :revolving_hearts:

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A very good project, if it is adopted on a large scale, it should be able to solve practical problems in many fields, provided that the output of funds is irreversible.

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Hey thanks for the follow-up.

I will be voting YES in this proposal. I really like everything.

  1. Very reasonable amount requested.
  2. Allocation is nice. Incentivize people to move to L2 and grants for building on superfluid in Optimism.
  3. Duration is reasonable.
  4. The project is very useful.
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We voted yes on this proposal. The Superfluid team has a strong track record. Their proposal to help teams move treasuries onto Optimism will likely increase activity and liquidity on the network.


Voting: Yes

Presents a use case for users to put it to genuinely use Optimism. The proposal is seen as reasonable for our community.

  • Contribution: Positive
  • OP distribution: Appropriate
  • Co-incentives: No
  • Impact in LatAm: Neutral

Tips: keep reporting usage and new organizations by implementing salaries. Same for its dApps deploying on Optimism.

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