[Ready] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal Cycle 6] Kromatika

Thanks for your reply.
Kromatika was referenced twice time in the Tarrot proposal replied that it does the same as Tarrot and the official DeFi committee has recommended Yes for Kromatika and No for Tarrot (and you doing the same but in opposite recommendation to go against the DeFiA committee)

We would love to answer and reply to some of your review, when they are more objective ones.
Quote below point out that the Kromatika review was done not objectively and it was targeted directly at Kromatika rather than the proposal. It is a biased and would even say a rage review to proof something to the DeFi A committee. We would not go into explaining reviews that were designed to be biased and negative from start.

We think there is certainly space (and probably desire) for a Uniswap v3 limit order protocol of this type, but there isn’t enough evidence here that Kromatika is the one to achieve PMF, nor is there evidence laid out that this proposal makes this protocol more likely to be the one to do so.

Thanks anyway for the effort. No hard feeling though. Cheers