[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Candide Wallet

thank you for your support! @jacob @jjlee710 @polynya @0x000 @OPUser @Axel_T

OPUser, Thanks for being active in governance. I have given feedback on both of your proposals that you have come forward with.

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This proposal fits into Gov Fund Phase 1 but the value-add to Optimism is small: Voting No

Value-add: Short-term little. Long-term potentially interesting
Amount: Reasonable
Op distribution: Okayish - building the product
Co-incentives: none

We see this funding round’s goal primarily in increasing liquidity and users on Optimism. The project vision sounds interesting but has a very long way to go until it can potentially add something to this goal. You listed a couple of interesting features and incentives that we’d like to see from bigger wallets with existing user bases. Maybe it would be a good idea to raise some funds for your venture, to collaborate with existing wallets or focus on tools that others can implement too (Which could be eligible for funding too). Definitely hope to see you around & look forward to your product.

not heard of candide wallet before so cant really give my opinion but i dont think funding your project to launch is what the goal of these funding rounds are

So marc I wanted to provide some more feedback.

I am a big fan of opensource and public goods and believe development work should be funded and new projects, like Candide should be given a chance to thrive.

The funding amount ask is very reasonable imo.

I want to see your project succeed and thrive and I believe it has potential to help the optimism ecosystem so I will be voting yes.


Hello @ScaleWeb3, thank you for the consideration and your thoughtful feedback. We do recognize that the project is its early form, but we are well aligned with Optimism two houses’ mission as they are tasked with balancing long-term vision with short-term incentives.

We see value in the common good, and that’s why we don’t want to raise venture fund. We are pursing open source for a sustainable future and an open internet, and we see Optimism as mechanism in rewarding public goods a step towards that future.

Thank you again for your well though feedback and I look forward in seeing you around as well.

Hello @lefterisjp, thank you again for your initial feedback early on as it helped formulate the initial draft. We appreciate your voice in advocating for open source as public goods. Thank you for your support.

Voting YES. We need better cross-chain wallet support. And +1 on ERC 4337 support!

Re BLS (mentioned by @polynya ), the next iteration of ERC 4337 will support aggregation as part of the protocol. BLS will be the first aggregator to be implemented after the API is finalized. ERC 4337 wallets with BLS support will be quite efficient on rollups.


My main concern is that when funding the development of a new project how will it drive adoption? It’s all well developing something opensource, but to drive value to Optimism in terms of use or adoption it means you need to drive users and for that you need capital to market.

Funding development of open source projects is really a public good, because most open source projects never really get off the ground unlike private projects. Its why I am not a big believer in funding open source projects as the majority never bring short or long term value or a return on the amount funded.

We are voting yes on this proposal. Reasons are: an easy use of Layer 2 is welcome, and new features like account abstraction are interesting to look at. The status of the project is experimental I guess, we are OK to take the risk for its approach. We will follow it closely.

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I’ll vote Weak YES :white_check_mark:

Project quality: Mid-High - Wallets for cross-chain world seem to be important but it seems to early to tell if the team will be able to deliver
Team quality: Mid - doxxed, I can’t find any track record. Code is open source on gh.
Amount requested: Reasonable
OP distribution: Bad - dump to cover operational costs

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Thank you for your proposal and it’s awesome to see that Candide originally started at an ETHGlobal hackathon and that it is open source. I was also impressed with your response to feedback/questions.

The amount requested is reasonable but the wallet space is crowded and since there isn’t traction to go off of yet it’s not clear to me this is the best use of funds to grow the Optimism ecosystem and in my opinion could be a better fit for the Citizen House that will be live soon and specifically supports public goods funding so I am voting no for this phase.

Snapshot vote - Passed

Thank you all for your feedback and your support.

We will be working in public and are starting with our experiment to build on top of ERC-4337 Account Abstraction.

  • We detailed our rational in this article.
  • We wrote our plan and opened our collaboration document for everyone to see, and contribute. In this document you will find feature development, contributor roles, communication posts, and progress reports.

If you are excited to try out our future beta, join the conversation on discord to give feedback and help shape the next wave of wallet development.


Hi @marc , Thank you for keeping us in loop.

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Hello @marc! Can you provide a Telegram handle or other contact method so the Optimism team can get in touch about paying out this grant :pray:

Feel free to comment on this thread, DM, or email bobby@optimism.io.

Hello @bobby, I am sending you an email from sed@protonmail.com

Hi @marc! It’s been a few months since your OP grant distribution, checking in to see if there is a grant update you can share with the community?

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Hello @lavande ,

Here’s the links to our progress updates that we have published:

Progress #0
Progress #1
Progress #2
Progress #3

Thus far, CANDIDE have spent a total of ~37,400 OP tokens. With each update published, the amount of expenses is accounted for in the same document, on the expenses page.

Updates are published each ~month on our public working page and on Optimism Discord gov channel. I will be following up with future new updates here