Protocol Delegation Self-Nominations

  • Protocol name: 2Pi Network
  • Name of protocol representative(s) that will serve as delegate(s): 0xmauri.eth
  • Link to delegate commitment : (if your protocol doesn’t currently have one, you will need to create one) Delegate Commitments - #161 by 0xMauri
  • Is your protocol OP Native?: No
  • Was your protocol active in Optimism governance prior to 12/5/22?: No
  • If so, please link to voting history (ie. Snapshot profile, delegate communication thread, twitter threads, etc.):
  • Why do you want to participate in this program?: This program will help us drive further adoption of our protocol by the Fintech users. It will also increase the level of brand awareness that the type of integrations that we look for will value. This will benefit Optimism as well as our protocol.
  • Why do you believe your protocol would be a good steward of the Optimism ecosystem?: It drives value interoperating with other protocols within the Optimism ecosystem, such as Curve, Velodrome, plus other protocols in the future. It generates revenues for Optimism as well as the other protocols we interoperate with. It brings brand new web3 users to the ecosystems since we operate as a DeFi yield aggregator backend for Fintech, and new products coming soon.
  • Do you agree to abide by the delegate code of conduct: Yes
  • Please list any anticipated conflicts of interest: None