OPUser - Delegate Communication Thread

  1. final-inflation-adjustment-proposal - in favor

  2. treasury-appropriation-proposal-foundation - Against

For both proposal, I agree with discussion and echo Polynya comment.

  1. Grant Council
    Choose to abstain - From season 1, I was encouraging and asking for accountability of fund, from OP Foundation and also from individual grant recipient, now that we have support from OP Lab, lack of support and discussion on fund accountability from grant council is disappointing.
    How to Contribute: OP Rewards Analytics
    We have delegate in grant council with online presence reaching wide and far, I am not suggesting we police the grant recipient, least we can do is it to put some social pressure.

For @Oxytocin , its their first nomination so choose to vote in favor of them.

On topic of accountability, I would like encourage other delegates to provide reasoning for their vote. For small and new delegate like myself, we look up to you, we expect that you have knowledge and wisdom to properly evaluate and judge critical proposals, lead us and this collective with good example. Just casting vote in silence put us in shadow give a bad outlook.

Looking forward towards next iteration of our evolving DAO.