Optimism Expansion Defi

Describe the solution you’d like:
I propose implementing an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) within the Optimism Blockchain ecosystem. This IDS would actively monitor and analyze network activities, identifying and alerting the community to potential security threats or anomalies. A system designed to enhance the overall security posture of the Optimism Collective.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered:
I’ve considered alternative approaches, such as relying solely on external third-party security tools. However, having an in-house Intrusion Detection System tailored to the specific needs and nuances of the Optimism Blockchain would provide a more customized and integrated security solution. Otherwise I’d suggest integrating tools and building out a testing framework. A portion of funding to analyze wallet attacks. Then utilize the information for the collective. To focus on tools and resources needed to optimize.

Additional context:
Given the complexity and evolving nature of blockchain security, having an internal IDS offers the advantage of real-time threat detection and response. It aligns with the Optimism Collective’s commitment to security and community well-being. Integrating this system would contribute to a safer and more resilient blockchain environment for all participants. Blockchain is always evolving, but if this goes with a project I would like to help, or contribute.


Thank you for sharing the great proposal.
Can we get more info about IDS so that we can be more informed on this?


Yes I will edit this reply over this weekend and improve the vision, for a possibility on an Intrusion Detection System, for Blockchain.

One example: Verifying contracts have been through the audit checker. This ensures that the ethereum blockchain has checked off that it’s a validated contract, which I believe that should be a step one. To make sure people understand they can trust signing a contract. Either way it’s ethical and how Cybersecurity should start. Any contract can check this on Etherscan (Ethereum Verified Contracts | Etherscan) legitimacy on Etherscan. Trust comes from making people not afraid of what they are signing. With an IDS system, or Intrusion Blockchain System an application that simplifies certain checks that audit a smart contract. Have seen a lot of Web2 applications with Web3. Cybersecurity still has to check the basics.

Side Note Feature:

On a side note I’m shocked that there has not been a freeze, toggle off feature for a browser application to be online, or have access to a Web3 wallet such as MetaMask being on a Google, FireFox, Edge and Brave browser. The browsers ability to have access to internet is why a lot of people get hacked through phishing scams. If people knew there was another line of defense we can onboard more people and that goes back to trust. More people that trust a system the more people stay and tell others. Optimizing an application even an IDS system, or IBDS (Intrusion Blockchain Detection System) with this feature. Imagine Optimizing a feature that could apply this security? Working with Cisco Networking gave a few ideas.