Op stack Cumulative Dashboard?

More than 15 rollups are already built using Op stack including some of the biggest names like Base, Blast, Mantle, Manta network and Mode among others. Is there a public dashboard to track various metrics of performance and business of all these rollups??

I found couple of Dune dashboards but they does not include all the rollups.

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Hi Scyther02,

Superchain Eco has created a comprehensive dashboard of the different OP Chains and OP Stack chains covering TVL, Projects, Accounts and projects built on these chains.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


Hey team thanks for this, it’s a good dashboard. but is there a way to keep track of more network level data like

  • Daily Transaction count
  • Unique Addresses
  • Average Block time
  • Average Gas price
  • Daily Gas used
  • Avg Transaction Fee
  • Daily total network transaction Fee

for all the op chains at one place??

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since you already checked dune,i assume you already viewed this dashboard https://dune.com/oplabspbc/op-stack-chains-l1-activity
the reason the dashboard not contain all op stack based chains is because not all op stack based chains joined superchain, superchain-registry/superchain/configs/mainnet at main · ethereum-optimism/superchain-registry · GitHub basically superchains are in here

although I still don’t know why no lyra orderly and mode…

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Do you think we can get community and monetary support from Optimism to build this??

I haven’t found a comprehensive public dashboard that tracks all Op Stack rollups. While there are a couple of Dune dashboards, they don’t cover everything.

There are many dashboards that monitor rollups, so I am not sure there is a need for another one. It might be a better approach to extend some of the existing dashboards with more metrics, as you requested, instead of building yet another dashboard.

rollup.wtf is another one to check out, which has not yet been linked here. It does contain data like TPS or gas / sec. There is a Feedback at the bottom you can use to request more info.