OP Rewards Impact Analysis: Celer Protocol

Thank you for the update! So that we’re all on the same page, are you associated with Celer and delivering an official update or are you a community member unaffiliated with them?

This appears to be an EOA. Any chance you can describe (high-level) what security is helping to secure these funds since it’s not in an msig? If it’s a simple EOA, is there an opportunity to upgrade the security, since it’s still got 750k OP?

This grant was received in August of 2022, but 75% remains. That suggests Celer is struggling to spend the grant at scale as intended. Will Celer be presenting any revisions to help spend the grant funds in a more timely manner, or return part of the grant? Former is preferred.

This doesn’t look especially encouraging for the Farming Rewards portion of the grant. Also, just eyeballing the graph it looks like the Incentive Event led to a net outflow of assets from Optimism? Do we know how this compares across bridges? As in, do all of them (incentivized and unincentivized) have Optimism with a net outflow of assets or does the Incentive Event look like it encouraged outflows?

Also, for the avoidance of all doubt, Celer isn’t using the grant to subsidize assets leaving Optimism, correct?

CC: @jackanorak bc I know he loves to nerd out on this stuff and did an initial analysis last fall., and @modong since I think this is probably just a community member providing an update because of this comment: