OP grants through Season 2: where has the OP gone?

Aelin - Cycle 1

Back from hiatus. Thanks for bearing with me.
Polynomial’s still pending some data from the team so skipped ahead to Aelin.
I won’t spend too much time on Aelin because it is already known to governance that they went off spec in managing their grant.


900k OP

  • 360k OP to LP stakers / liq mining
  • 540k OP to a pool incentive program


7/14 Fdn transfers 900k to Aelin multisig 0x17990cb7fbe68b7c2a31a9976970466cd1e7fed9

7/19 - 9/06 Aelin multisig sends 30,270 OP for liq mining

9/7 - 2,766 OP multisent to 29 wallets, reason unclear but appear to be pool incentives per proposal spec

9/16 - Multisig sends remaining 866,963 OP to 127 wallets as private sale for AELIN, following https://aelips.aelin.xyz/aelips/aelip-35/. This move was done unilaterally.


Although there may have been a fine reason for Aelin’s move to use OP as deal incentives, it was undoubtedly out of scope for the team to make a unilateral decision and a bad precedent overall.

If a project is in distress, it could be worth Optimism’s while to find a way to support it, but determining whether and how best to support should be a cooperative effort between governance and a grantee. Otherwise, the OP ought to be returned.