OP Crosschain Liquidity

Hey guys nice to meet you, first thread here!

I’m Seraph from the Solidly team, we’re an iteration of Solidly V1 inspired forks such as Velodrome or Equalizer but we’re deployed on mainnet with some distinct differences. We just launched a few days ago! We’re officially partnered with Yearn, Frax, Liquity, Abracadabra, Iron Bank, Ren Protocol, Deus Finance, Tarot, Beefy Finance with a few more in the pipeline.

As the title suggests I was wondering if Optimism has plans to have any OP/WETH or OP/USDC liquidity over on Ethereum mainnet.

I see some benefits to having it, such as:

  • Crosschain volume increase through arbitrage → OP bridge services benefit
  • More exposure and user acquisition as many people are still only using Ethereum and don’t even know what a L2 is

It may seem counter-intuitive at first thought but I think overall this benefits the ecosystem by removing entry-barriers and making it easier for users to discover the OP ecosystem and becoming vested in it.

If there’s any interest in this, I’d love to have a more in-depth brain-storming session with the relevant OP team about the details (or here if you wish). We think Solidly would serve perfectly as a liquidity hub for the $OP token on mainnet, increasing user acquisition and other crosschain KPIs.

No grant would be required to achieve this.

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I don’t like Mainnet because it has very high transaction fees, people who are new to DeFi or know Optimism use it because gas costs pennies. I would like to add $OP token on other Solidly inspired forks such as Velodrome, Equalizer and especially Thena


less fees on optimism. hard to run a business without consistent fee structure.

prefer using optimism now, still using eth mainnet but less now

hmmmm…literally ever post here is from a first time poster.

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excited to see how it will work in practice!

warning:OP doesn’t deploy token on Ethereum mainnet yet, be careful the scam