[OLD] Collective Intents: Season 4

Not all voting should be conducted with the participation of ordinary users, some questions should be decided by professionals.

Overall, the Season 4 plan outlined above for the Ethereum network and the Optimism Collective appears to be a positive development. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Collective Intent: The idea of setting Collective Intents for the community to align and focus on is a good one. Having a clear direction and target can help ensure that resources and efforts are directed towards the most important goals. The fact that Intents will become increasingly community-led over time is also encouraging, as it suggests that the community will have more say in determining the direction of the network.
  2. Budgeting: The proposed Intent Budgets for each Intent, which will be approved by the Token House, are a positive step towards ensuring that resources are allocated in a way that aligns with the community’s priorities. The fact that budgeting will become increasingly community-led over time is also a good sign.
  3. Technical Decentralization: The first Intent, which focuses on making progress towards technical decentralization, is a critical priority for the network. The fact that the Foundation has suggested a budget for this Intent, and that the community is encouraged to contribute to this effort, is a positive development.
  4. Novel Applications: The second Intent, which focuses on innovating novel applications, is also important for the long-term success of the network. By encouraging developers to build new and innovative applications that take advantage of the unique features of Ethereum, the network can continue to grow and attract new users.
  5. Governance: The fourth Intent, which focuses on improving governance accessibility, is important for ensuring that the network is governed in a fair and inclusive way. By making governance structures more accessible and understandable to all, the community can work together to make decisions that benefit everyone.

Overall, the Season 4 plan appears to be a thoughtful and well-considered approach to guiding the development of the Ethereum network and the Optimism Collective. The fact that the community will have more input into the Intents and budgeting over time is a positive sign that the network is committed to being truly decentralized and community-led

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I agree with the collective intents proposed here and more than any other the 1st one. “Progress Towards Technical Decentralization”. So I am voting for all of them.

But on accessibility on governance I would like to point out that using on-chain governance for signaling is reducing accesibility and not increasing it. Even optimism has become too expensive (at times) to vote on-chain: It Is Time For On-Chain OP Voting - #10 by lefterisjp

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L2BEAT is voting FOR all four collective intents for Season 4. Based on our experience in previous seasons, we believe this is a huge step forward in making grant distribution more focused and aligned with the Optimism Mission.

We pledge our full support to all parties in finding and defining the right missions, and to helping mission proposers create proposals that fit within the scope of each intent and provide the most value to the collective.

In particular, we are pleased to see Intent 1 (Progress Towards Technical Decentralisation) and Intent 3 (Spread Awareness of the Optimistic Vision) as they are very much in line with our own mission and scope of interest.

We’re very optimistic about the upcoming season and look forward to seeing what these Intents will bring to the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

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The Hop ambassadors voted for each of the intents, but I would like to add a note of particular support for Intent 3. The Optimistic Vision can’t be seen as a nice-to-have, but needs to be understood as the critical core of all the efforts that go into Optimism and the broader superchain. Developing and communicating it more effectively will not only distinguish Optimism from the increasingly crowded field of L2s, but can truly have a transformative effect on society more broadly. I could not be more excited about it.

Is it good for community?

Thank you for this clarity, is really helpful

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